About Us

We differ from other executive recruiting firms in that we are committed to maintaining strong, on-going relationships with both clients and candidates, and that commitment for us transcends the filling of any one position.

We know that our reputation is all that we have; we know that continuing business from our clients and referrals from our candidates require that we maintain an honest and forthright relationship with both parties.  These things are important to us so we fill a position with a reputable candidate whom we have gotten to know well.  We are confident that he or she is a good match for the unique qualities of the position and of the ethos of the company at large.

Norman Gershgorn, MSW, President and founder of The HBC Group, has been in the field of executive placement for more than 30 years. Prior to entering this field, Norm was a social worker in the South Bronx where he counseled court-placed youths in an adolescent treatment center. Although he left the field of social work, Norm continues to refine his communication skills through advanced training in conflict resolution skills and through participation in the Dale Carnegie Institute in New York, where he sometimes serves as an assistant coach.

Norm and his wife Eileen have been married for more than 30 years, and they have two terrific grown children — and two great dogs!

Contact:   norman@hbcgroupinc.com.

Peter Herzog graduated from SUNY Albany in 1986.  He started in the recruitment industry in 1988 with Career Labs, where Norman Gershgorn was co-owner.  In 1991, Norman formed The HBC Group and Peter continued his relationship (now over 28 years) with him in that start-up.  Their common approach – caring, creative and thorough – has made them a successful tandem.  Peter handles corporate and investment banking positions with an emphasis on credit, execution and portfolio management roles.  He also has a sub-specialty in energy trading risk management. HBC’s extensive networking allows them to obtain quality candidates.  Peter looks to develop long-term relationships with clients as well as giving special attention to applicants.  This enables him to make good “marriages.” Peter is the author of a resume writing book, titled, “How to Prolong Your Job Search; A Humorous Guide to Resume Writing.”

Contact:   peter@hbcgroupinc.com.