For Applicants

Applicants must, of course, be thoroughly screened but we go beyond that. We want to know an applicant’s goals, his or her aspirations, and what he or she thinks would be the ideal position.  We elicit each applicant’s unique strengths — what they can bring to a job that someone else lacks. We also help them to identify their weaknesses and offer suggestions as to how they may address those weaknesses.

In some cases, an applicant may have terrific skills and ideal work experience but he or she has difficulty discussing his/her strengths during an interview.  We will work with that applicant to develop that skill and to build confidence.  Another applicant may be ideal for a particular position, but if we identify a weakness that will hold him or her back from moving ahead in the long term, we’ll share that information with the applicant and offer practical solutions to shoring up those weaknesses.  We do this because we want to maintain excellent and continuing relationships with all of our candidates, but we also do it because helping people is how we derive our own personal job satisfaction.