For Companies

Commitment to Building Long-Term Relationships

The HBC Group  is a boutique executive search firm that has been serving the financial services industry as well as other businesses since 1987. We specialize in placing risk management candidates for positions in credit, market and operations risk. In the 25+ years that HBC has been in business, we have gained a stellar reputation for integrity that few or, indeed, any other agency can match. We are unique in our willingness to forgo short‐term gain in favor of building long‐term relationships. That’s why so many companies that we work with have been with us for a decade or more, and that’s why so many of our applicants call on us to help them fill positions when they need to hire. The longevity of our relationships with both companies and applicants attests to our integrity, and we pride ourselves on being rigorously honest, fair, and balanced.

Mission Statement

The HBC Group’s mission is to merge the defined needs of our client‐companies with those of our applicants. Our goal is to create a “perfect marriage” that is mutually satisfying to both parties.

Working With Client-Companies

Every new opening provides an opportunity to address unmet departmental needs. We help companies define the needs of the position they wish to fill in part by reviewing with them the strengths and weaknesses of existing staffing and by identifying the evolving needs of the department. An applicant may be found who fulfills the existing responsibilities, but it is equally important to find one who can take on more varied responsibilities as the department grows.

Working With Applicants

Applicants are screened very carefully to ensure there is an honest representation of their experience but also to ensure that we understand both their work and their personal needs. Our philosophy is that compensation alone will not bring happiness or job satisfaction; happiness comes from doing something that is energizing and allows for growth and development. This willingness to spend time getting to know our applicants sets The HBC Group apart from other agencies, and is the reason that most of our applicants remain with their hiring firms long term. It is highly doubtful that any other agency can make that claim.